Better with age?….. huh?

Like an old doll, my blog was gaining dust under my bed. Time for me to blow the grime and grit between my keys free and lay a few words down. 

At some point in your life a revelation will come and you will stand and say, “yes, now I understand it all!” Can someone please share this timeline with me. I do not see it coming, and there is no sign that this information is hiding in me anywhere. Are we really suppose to be trying to figure out this play we call life. I call it a play because unlike a movie, a play has several acts and in each we learn more and gain insight before the curtin closes. Which act am I even in? When is the intermission so I can pause this roller coaster, grab a drink, get a bite and relieve myself. 

In everything we do there is a break so we can breathe and regain composure, but in life there is no hold, pause or still button (which I have never found a use for. Moving a single frame at a time just does not interest me) so we can step back and see the bigger picture. We have to believe we are making right choices as we move forward, and when we screw something up we accept our mistakes try to make them right and step forward again. That momentum can not be broken. Every step back is two lost. You can do that math on your own time, it just sounds good for my rant tonight. 

A story is always nice to hear. Some type of moral at the end brings it all together and wraps up everything in a cute little bow for you to share later with all your friends. Usually the highlights are what we give from a good story. There were some peaks and valleys and oh yeah that great twist we did not see coming. What are the highlights in my life reel that will be shared?  The few stories I have shared in this blog were never even known before. Does it really matter that much to me that my story has some type of dynamic moment? The humble person in me wants to say of course not because it is not about me, but wait! This is my life so it is a little bit about me. Isn’t it?


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